Some Underground areas in TTC Union Station Have Rats

All those who own a business in the city have been busily preparing for an invasion of rats. Why may you ask? Recently a pest control business informed local businesses about rat extermination problems an said following: “Underground areas in Union Station which have been demolished and constructed seem to have created a great place for rats to make their home in. The rats have also decided to make their home in several other locations throughout the city”.

However, the actual number of rats and the specific area they are living in, throughout Union Station is yet to be discovered. There is also other important information about these animals like rodent reproduction rates that are yet to be made known.
Below are some questions and answers we have come up with which we hope readers will find helpful.

How Many Rats Are There Throughout Union Station?

An Abell Pest Control representative, named Mike Heimbach told us: “No one knows. We have never worked for Union Station before but many businesses and residents have contacted us about these nasty creatures. It is the number of rats that are the actual problem”.

What Has TTC And Metrolinx Said?

Anne Marie Aitkins, manager of Metrolinx recently said: “We have not even had or seen one rat at all. It is very rare for rats to reside on the level that we are on. They will often gather together underground instead”.
Brad Ross from TTC told us: “We have never been given, or seen any reports whatsoever about the number of rats that are gathering together in Union Station”.

Where About’s In Union Station Are The Rats Making Their Home In?

Mike Heirnbach said: “No one knows. It is perfectly normal for rats to make their home underground in city areas. These underground areas will be in places such as underneath subways. Because Abell does not work with Union Station, their employees have never gone searching for the rats”.

Where About’s Do The Rats Go?

Mike informed us again that: “No one knows. The rats in the station seem to attract more rats to the area they are in. These rats will then find other homes throughout the city. Not only that but during the cold months, it is normal for them to go and search for homes somewhere inside”.

What Can The City Do About The Rats?

Bruce Hawkins, co-coordinator of senior communications said: “This is not a problem for us at this point in time. The number of rats that are in the city remains the same. It is perfectly normal for these animals to find a new location as construction is going on”.

Should People And Businesses Be Concerned About These Annoying Animals?

A man named Steve Graff, the quality assurance manager of Abell, told us: “No. The amount of rats that are leaving Union Station remains the same as when construction first began. The reason why this has been brought up is so that we can come up with some ways in which we can stop this from occurring. Our advice for residents in the area is to make some time to get in touch with a pest control business in their local area. They will be able to assist residents with this problem”.

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